Some characteristics and properties of these specialist tiles are:

External usage if recommended by manufacturer:

Strength and low levels of porosity:

Compressive strength:

Low Water absorption

Acid resistance:

Thermal Shock Resistance:

High levels of hardness to various types of traffic:


Suitability: These specialist tiles are suitable pretty much almost anywhere: on the kitchens walls, bathroom walls, showers, shower-rooms...

Important to remember: with some of these olde english tiles there is a variation in colour and shade can occur; also a minimal size variation should be expected.

With there's super-strength give to this type of floorings an exceptional hardness also gives to any location residential or commercial clarity and consistency in colour, also is a very dense material which requires virtually no maintenance(some) beside the day-by-day routine.


A slide show of them in various colours can be found here and you also can consult and view information about Flexural strength, Water absorption and Compressive strength.

There is a variety selection of colours to choose from. These olde english tiles should be fitted by experienced tilers or builders whatever the project is for such as hotels, shops, public and private hospitals, theatres, airport waiting rooms, apartments and houses, subways, commercial buildings, malls and other locations residential and non residential.