Victorian bathroom tiles

These olde bathroom era tiles used in places like London tube system, old palaces, museum floorings, residential areas and many, many other locations;- uses various plain colours to create unlimited distinctive patterns for various flooring spaces to change feel of r houses, porches, bathrooms or even kitchens.

The room and the hole of the house will change completely by adding a timeless charm and original character. You can self-create unlimited layouts by permuting the colours (black, white, buff, red, green , blue, and many others ) or by interchanging the different sizes available(from square shaped, triangles, rectangles…). By doing this you’ll create a pattern of your own taste – you will get your “homemade” original and stylish design. Whether it’s a city bathroom, contemporary bathroom, these Olde victorian bathroom tiles focus the eye on the space around you.


The properties of these specialist materials are different from those of natural stone. For this visit the relevant page.

It brings vibrancy to any tiled surface!


It gives you the chance to create original style / traditional floors and contemporary designs.

Even so you can find various suppliers of bathroom victorian floor tiles in most of the tile shops around United Kingdom.


Unlimited original designs.

A vast array of colours and sizes available from UK manufacturers dedicated to produce and supply these finest building materials. These companies have done extensive researches to develop these aspirational conservative and traditional english tiles that meet todays design conscious clientele.

By adding a self touch to these traditionalist english tiles, they will meet the challenge of everyone individual taste;

Victorian bathroom tiles