Original and unique UK victorian floor tiles

Architects, designers and and other specialists will advise you that the one of the first decision to make on you are thinking to redecorate your home it’s your floor. Thinking about it this makes loads of sense because this is the area to be tiled regardless of the size it is immediately noticeable whatever the location.

You have to make sure that the style, the colours and especially the design are well-chosen. The victorian floor tiles will literally last forever and particularly will enhance the rest of room even the rest of your house and will influence greatly the home design.

You can enhance the design of your room by using free-standing sculpture, a classic fireplace, plants and other items with a classical original style.

Uses, sizes and colour chart.


You have to remember though that they are suitable for external applications (check the individual requirements with the manufacturer chosen): like: footpaths, porches, conservatories, entrance halls as well as internal floors kitchens, bathrooms etc…


Unlimited olde designs.

These victorian style floor tiles are available in loads of different colours, sizes and shapes; they come as individual tiles and they have to be fitted individually - this is good thing because will broaden the choice of patterns by interchanging the colours or and the various different tile sizes or even making your own victorian floor tile pattern; this require some skills - it is quicker if you own a software like AutoCAD.

Victorian floor tiles