Unique victorian kitchen tiles

This superb choice of specialist floor tiles uses contemporary colours like black and white, buff, red, green, grey available in loads of different sizes - imperial measurements : 6inches, 4 inches, 2inches and others. This range will transform and change ambient's therefore changing the look and feel of any home.

The rooms will appeal more to your eye and will be transformed completely and will give an original style traditional feel and look. Whether in an urban or contemporary location, these victorian kitchen tiles will enhance and focus the eye on the space around you.

They have an unglazed finish therefore they have a matt surface. You have to remember that they are made of pressed dust glued together and some natural clays which will result in a slight colour variation in between batches.

Their properties matches those of some stones with extra advantages, like:

aesthetic consistency in colour and of course the unique and luxurious aristocratic look.

What they will gives you?


These Queen's Victoria old tiles gives you the opportunity to create outstanding flooring designs limited only by your imagination whatever the room used bathroom, paths....


Achieve unlimited room design.

You should take a look at our victorian floor tile gallery to gather information about the colour availability chart types, sizes and other important information about the range of victorian kitchen tiles available.
For a truly traditional feel, you can choose from a infinite choice of layouts, colour scheme, type of room; they will complement any floor or wall range you adopt & offers many choices for creating individual and stylish designs. Choose from different shades creating a 3D effect for the latest in contemporary chic designs.

victorian kitchen tiles

Adding a touch of glamour to these olde english floor tiles, provides a subtle difference, whether used alone or in conjunction with other borders or materials.

These charming geometric tiles brings back the original style of floors and designs used by the aristocrats.